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🌻Sunflowers for SickKids IN-PERSON Workshop!

I think we’re all a bit more tired than we were at the beginning of the year.😞 So for those of you who want some time to just mindlessly relax 😌with some actual ambient chatter💬, perhaps you can consider joining us for an evening of folding sunflowers at Hart House?

━━━━━━━━»•» 🌻«•«━
Hi folders,

Have you ever wanted an everlasting sunflower to brighten up your day?🔆 If yes, then come join us at Hart House for our in-person workshop, next 📆Friday, March 11📆, ⌚7- 9 PM⌚ ! But! There’s a small catch. As part of the SickKids Campus Challenge, UTFOLD is raising money to help the SickKids hospital. So unlike previous workshops, we are charging💰 $5 to attend. All the proceeds will go directly to the hospital and the kids. Payment can be made in person at the workshop or online through our SickKids Donation Page (

Regardless of payment method, if you want to attend, please fill out our 📝Google sign-up form ( Please note that attendance is capped at 14 people (13 attendees plus 1 instructor). So, first come, first serve. Additionally, to stop Snakebird from being overwhelmed, the workshop will be entirely in-person this time, there will not be an online section next week.

In return for your generosity, we’ve ordered some ✨stunning yellow tissue foil for you to use to fold a sunflower with.🌻 We’ll have other paper available too for you to snag as well.😉 Feel free to donate even if you don’t want to attend the workshop, it would be much appreciated, but not needed. Also, keep in mind that during ANY of our workshops, you are free to fold whatever you would like, so if you happen to want to use the paper given to fold a dragon or pineapple instead, then go right ahead.

A bit more details about our featured models:

  • 🌻Sunflower🌻
    • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate ✅ 🟨
    • Designed by: PaperPh2 Origami
    • 📜 Paper Requirements: We’re providing paper.
  • 🌼Traditional Lily
    • Difficulty: Beginner ✅
    • 📜 Paper Requirements: Square paper

Hope to see you soon!