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Summer Recap

Hi folders,

It’s been a while since this page has been updated 😅. Here’s what was missed in the meantime. There will be another post soon about next upcoming event!

March 25 – UTFOLD assisted FMUA in the creation of the Cranes of Hope performance for their “VOICES Through the Arts” recorded performance.

April 1 – Maidens Origami Workshop

April 8 – Pokemon Origami Workshop (Collaboration with UTAMA)

April 11 – Christian Holandez has stepped down as UTFOLD president. Lucy Zhou is the new president. The new VPI is Henry Luo and the new VPE is Henry Pin.

June 9 – Boats & Lake Origami Workshop

June 22 – Ninja Star Origami Workshop

July 7 – Wolf & Origami Night Woodsworth Workshop

July 21 – Ponyo Workshop (Collaboration with UTAMA)

August 20 & 21– Toronto Chinatown Festival Booth ( we made the peacock for this)

Sept 5 to Sept 8 – Various FROSH orientation events, and Clubs fair