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Return of the Sonobe

Last week, you got a sneak peek into the world of kusudama with UTJA. This week, we’re headed back to the basics of kusudama using Sonobe units! 💠

Hello, folders!

This week, we’re focusing on our VPE’s favourite model, Sonobe modular origami! Sonobe modular origami is made of numerous little diamond units to construct shapes. Sonobe units are more versatile than usual kusudama units in that you can make shapes out of a larger variety of number of units where usual kusudama units use 12, 30, or 60, Sonobe assemblies can be done with as little as 3 or 6!
This week’s workshop takes place this📆 Friday, November 25, 2022 at ⌚4:30 -6:30PM EST in Room 📍SS1086. Come whenever and stay as long as you like or until the workshop ends. No registration or fee required. Paper will be provided.
( ◕◡◕)っ ♡

Difficulty: Beginner friendly✅

Stay toasty🍞~