The Mailing List Signup Post

If you don’t know how to subscribe to blog posts via RSS, or you just prefer email notifications, here’s a simpler way to sign up for FOLD’s mailing list – simply comment in this post! We’ll get your email and add it to our mailing list, and you’ll receive all our notifications whenever events are coming up. Sweet.


84 thoughts on “The Mailing List Signup Post

  1. hello, i’m really interested to be a member. would u mind telling me how can i sign up for a membership? i really wish i could learn more and get involve more with this club. cheers =)

  2. Add me to the mailing list please! ~ I signed up during the Clubs Fair and I haven’t received any emails yet~ I’m not sure if any emails were sent so I’m signing up again!~


    P.S. I was wondering when is the first General Meeting for the club?

    1. You’re right, we haven’t sent any emails yet =). The first email will be for the upcoming general meeting. We’re working hard to prepare the membership packages that will be available for $5 (Origami instruction CD + FOLD-designed origami CD case, a folder, starter paper set, and free paper supply every month through the year).

      The meeting is currently planned to be on Friday Sep 24th at 4:00 pm, at Sidney Smith 1070

  3. Note for webmaster: the last two emails have been added (though they were actually already in the listserv. lol, you guys better come to the events if you’re this interested!)

  4. Added the above two to the list =)

    BTW, the office door is now fixed, so we’ll be beginning our office hours as soon as we post up the schedule on this website!

  5. Anonymous, you’re actually on the listserv already. I’ve sent you an email…

    Jie, you’ve been added to the listserv =D

  6. Is it too late to be added onto the list?
    And how can i purchase the optional membership package?

    Thank you =)

  7. Umm…it says to comment to be added onto the mailing list…so yeah…Thing is, I thought I’ve signed up during the club day thingy, so I’m not sure if I’m already added…By the way, is there a due date to sign up? Oh! and I think one of my friend is interested too….not sure if she’s signed up or not though…

    1. LOLZ! i know…u obsessive paper folder…jokes…
      umm…dis is adriana rit? OMGsh…it’ll b sooo awkward if u’re not…

  8. I am graduating in November but am wondering if you have to be a current U of T studen to join your club and where one can pay a fee– please advise.

    1. If you’ll be downtown for the events, I don’t see why you can’t participate =). The UTSU and such are always asking how many non-student members campus groups have, so it’s definitely allowed. If you want to buy the fundraising package (thanks!) you can find one of our execs… it’ll be easy if you come to one of our events. Just keep on our listserv (or check this website)!

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