New Exec Position Open!


Behold, the origami zergling! If you don’t know what a zergling is, suffice it to say that it’s a sort of small alien especially popular in Korea. Made by our Director of Arts and Design, Carl Ren, during a statistics tutorial off of instructions on deviantart. The future paper engineer will also be doing cool stuff like this =)

But that has nothing to do with this announcement: due to increased interest this year, we’re opening up a third executive position – Events Coordinator. In short, this exec co-ordinates events. Sounds like a lot of work? It is, but then again, what isn’t? =)

Updated Application Form

We’ve received some applications to the other two positions as well (mostly for secretary). Looks like we’ll have a great team this year =).

The actual election will take place during our next workshop, to be scheduled with the results from the availabilities poll (results in another post). You guys will drop in on the workshop, do all the workshop-related stuff, then you can read the long-answer questions written by all the candidates and cast your vote ballot-box style. Look forward to it!


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