Availability Poll Results

Our availability poll has so far had 51 people fill it out. Above are the results so far (click for large version)…

So apparently Friday evenings are the best time, followed by Friday afternoons. I guess the general meeting was at a good time, although some people couldn’t make it. But since if we always had it on Friday some people would never make it, thus we’ll schedule events from the top choices.

Another thing, if we book rooms on campus after 6 pm, we apparently need to pay the caretakers for overtime fee. Some people can only make it during the evening, however, so we’ll definitely do evening events if it’s not too expensive. Y-you guys better come, though, okay? Or the money’ll go to waste ;_;

The other component of the survey was suggestions for events. Almost everyone said “workshops”. Makes sense, since folding is the heart of origami. Other ideas include…

  • Social outings (like sushi, ‘tea parties’, or an all-inclusive trip to Tokyo)
  • Crazy origami (like elephant’s butt)
  • Gallery Project (like 1000 cranes on display in SS)
  • Charitable Project (like what we’ve done before)
  • Bake Sale (who wouldn’t eat crane shaped cookies?)

Lots of ideas there. But talk is cheap >=D let’s see what kind of things we can accomplish. Effort is especially required for projects! Those 1000 cranes don’t fold themselves, you know.


5 thoughts on “Availability Poll Results

    1. Not this week, but next week yes. Our plans for a drop-in workshop in the lobby of SS was indirectly demolished by the Imaginus Poster Sale that booked a week of SS lobby at the end of October, so all other organizations moved their bookings up a week, and we didn’t get a table =(

      We’re planning to have a Friday evening event instead, since it’s the most popular time on the poll… as soon as details are confirmed we’ll send out an email and make an announcement post on the website.

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