Tiebreaker/Movie Poll Results

Hey guys, I’m persona. Sunny asked me to make a post cause he’s too lazy busy doing an essay he put off until the last minute. I also webmaster for a few other clubs, and I know how this voting thing works, so.

Anyways, your results are out. After looking at the data, it looks like some people from your club just don’t know how to follow instructions. For example, Jessica won over The Matrix 23-3, meaning 23 people ranked Jessica higher than The Matrix, but 3 people ranked The Matrix over Jessica. You guys are weird.


Director of Logistics: Jessica Wong
Movie of Choice: The Prestige

Why not Pulp Fiction? Because even though Pulp Fiction, etc. are ranked higher than The Prestige, there are also a greater number of people who did NOT want to watch those movies (they lost more times to the Divider of Acceptability).

You guys are also a pretty picky bunch. There is apparently NO MOVIE you guys don’t mind seeing. Everything loses to the Divider of Acceptability at least 8 times. Blade Runner and The Priestige tie by beating the Divider the most (17 times), but Blade Runner is R rated.

A bit about The Prestige:

  • Directed by Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight, Memento)
  • Stars Christian Bale (Dark Knight, American Psycho)
  • Oscar nominations in Art Direction and Cinematography
  • Ranked 73rd of all time at IMDB
  • Head-scratching magic

Well that’s it from me. I also changed your website’s colours for ya since it’s no longer halloween. You’re welcome.

Sunny: Thanks, persona. And crop your screenshot next time. =P


5 thoughts on “Tiebreaker/Movie Poll Results

  1. Erm…should we have pictures of the voting result? Or should we keep it confidential?

    On other notes. Darn…Blade Runner was good…But The Prestige is good too.

    1. iirc with that system every voter was provided with a link to see the results when the poll closed anyways. it should have been in the email it sends you. besides, you don’t see politicians complaining about the election results being public 😛

  2. Uhhhh, you know, if you don’t want people to know what sites you’ve been visiting, you should close all your other tabs… Just a friendly word of advice LOLOL 😛

  3. lol… I wonder what kind of site he’s been on that has “Gender Bendin…” as a title. =D

    Although to be fair, I’ve heard of the Daedalus Project. It’s a collection of research on MMORPGs, and we all know that girls in MMORPGs have 50% chance of actually being a guy xD. So that may explain the Gender Bending… hopefully.

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