F.O.L.D. Receives Mail from UT Faculty of Law Admissions

Hey guys, persona here again. Sunny just sent me this picture, which I thought was amusing, so I thought I’d make a post. After all, the letter is addressed to the entire club.

So apparently what happened was that Carl found an envelope while attending his office hour addressed to “Fly with Origami, Learn to Dream (F.O.L.D.) c/o Jun Sunny Yin.” Since it’s from the office of admissions, he thought Sunny got admitted to Law School and didn’t open it. Now, all Sunny ever talks about is anime and games, so I have to admit, I wondered for a minute.

But it turns out to just be a general invitation to F.O.L.D. members to check out UT Law’s J.D. program. Cause, you know, eveyone knows that if you join the Origami Club, you’re bound to be interested in Law School. They even sent a catalogue.

Sunny’s note: Actually, persona, we do have someone in our club who wants to study law. And I talk about stuff other than games and anime, okay?

Anyways. If you’re interested in Law, post a comment and I’m sure Sunny will be happy to get that catalogue off his hands.


4 thoughts on “F.O.L.D. Receives Mail from UT Faculty of Law Admissions

  1. LOL it’d be interesting if they do though. I can see the headlines now…


    But they probably sent it to all clubs anyways, so they probably won’t be bothered.

    BTW, any execs on other clubs that can confirm whether this happened to them too?

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