Toronto Origami Society Field Trip

Edit: they have confirmed the theme for the meeting. It’s a selection of original designs by one of the Society’s key members, John Jay Guppy. He says all papers will be supplied, so that’s even less work for us (yayifications!)

Did you know that Toronto had an Origami Society? It’s based in the Japan Foundation, found on the South side of Bloor Street just a bit east of the ROM. Did I mention that this is The Origami Society of Toronto?

We’ve been toying with the idea of organizing a trip there since last year, but it never happened. Well, we’d like to make it happen this time.

Toronto Origami Society
Thursday February 17
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Japan Foundation Toronto
131 Bloor St West, Suite 213

They have an annual membership fee of $25, but visiting is free (and visiting is what we’re doing lol). Their meetings are the third Thursday of every month, and we’re aiming for February’s meeting. You’re supposed to bring your own paper, but don’t worry – FOLD’s got you covered. Nice, aren’t they? =)

It’s still a bit in the future, but we wanted to let you guys know as soon as we got the confirmation from them =)


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