Volunteer Opportunities

On-location Workshop @ The Kensington Health Centre

This event has been rescheduled because we didn’t give TKHC the time they needed to coordinate. D= We’ll be keeping in touch with all those who were interested in coming.

FOLD is planning to visit the Kensington Health Centre to do a simple workshop for its residents. If you don’t know what the Kensington Health Centre does, their website is here.

Anyways, we were wondering if any members are interested in teaching with us. Yep, members can teach too (lots of members fold better than our execs lol). And it’s close to campus, so if you’re free at the time, why not join us?

The Kensington Health Centre On-Location Workshop
Wednesday February 2nd
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm (but meet earlier, at 3-ish)
Email us for meeting place!

You only need to bring your own enthusiasm =).


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