Rose Project Continues – Selling

So in the first Rose Workshop, we forgot to ask you guys how much we should sell the roses for. Hence, this poll.

Before you vote, remember that the aim of the Rose Project is to fundraise for SickKids in time for Valentine’s Day. Proceeds will go to the hospital, as will any leftover roses.

Each rose will have a rose head with curled petals, a calyx at the base of the rose head, at least 4 leaves (2 sets of 2), and a hard wire stem wrapped in green floral tape. The whole rose will be placed in a clear plastic bouquet sort of thing, and tied with a ribbon. We might even put purfume on it.

Oh, there may or may not be thorns, depending on the skill of the assembler.

Here are the days on which we’ve planned to sell the completed roses

Friday February 4, SS Lobby
Monday February 7, SS Lobby
Friday February 11, SS Lobby

What time during those days? It depends on our execs’ availabilities, but we’ll try for the whole day, 9-5. Once we have the schedule finalized, we’ll make a separate post.

Of course, we’ll also sell at our office hours.


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