Weekly FOLD

Weekly FOLD – F.O.L.D. Jewelry

Happy Holidays Everyone!! This week’s Weekly FOLD will be dedicated to show off our organization’s new collection of jewelries for the Winter-Spring season. These range from necklaces, earrings  to bracelets and other fanciful decorative objects. If you are interested in buying or helping us making these jewelries, please look out for future updates regarding fundraising events… Continue reading Weekly FOLD – F.O.L.D. Jewelry


Toronto Western Hospital Origami Project

Thank you everyone who signed up to volunteer for the origami project at Toronto Western! To summarize, we will be folding doves and paper dolls to give to the patients on Valentine’s Day. This is the instructions for the doves we are folding – http://www.origamiway.com/origami-dove.shtml If you have signed up, you may pick up origami… Continue reading Toronto Western Hospital Origami Project