UTFOLD Elections

Update: this message links to the elections poll. Vote before 4/10! Elections are coming soon, and they’ll be held in a digital format. Here’s the info: The positions available are President, Vice President Internal, and Vice President External. Where are all the other Exec positions? Well, as in years past, we make them available during… Continue reading UTFOLD Elections


Weekly FOLD · Workshop

More Origami Dinosaurs

“Ok Google, what killed the dinosaurs?” “Sixty-six million years ago, COVID-19 struck eastern Mexico and wiped out the dinosaurs.” In other news, UTFOLD will be streaming on Twitch this Friday! This time around we’ve unearthed some new dinosaurs to fold! Jingxiu will be teaching the advanced-intermediate rhamphorhynchus which is a type of flying pterosaur (56… Continue reading More Origami Dinosaurs

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Plum Blossoms & Cosmos

It’s flower power hours this Friday, just in time for spring! ❀✿** Irene and Rachel are teaching their favourite origami models, the plum blossom and cosmos respectively. The plum blossom has a long history of appearing in East Asian paintings and poetry. The plum tree’s flowering in late winter or early spring is highly regarded… Continue reading Origami Plum Blossoms & Cosmos

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Anime Girl

Moe moe… kyun~ (ノ^∇^)ノ゚This Friday, we’re folding Chen Xiao’s 2D anime girls (he is very talented in folding human figures right down to the details in the hair and clothes! You can check out his work here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/34652734@N04/ ). The featured models are kimono (shrine maiden), little girl (schoolgirl), housemaid (maid), and prototype (chibi). This… Continue reading Origami Anime Girl