Volunteer Opportunities

On-location Workshop @ The Kensington Health Centre

This event has been rescheduled because we didn’t give TKHC the time they needed to coordinate. D= We’ll be keeping in touch with all those who were interested in coming. FOLD is planning to visit the Kensington Health Centre to do a simple workshop for its residents. If you don’t know what the Kensington Health… Continue reading On-location Workshop @ The Kensington Health Centre


Toronto Origami Society Field Trip

Edit: they have confirmed the theme for the meeting. It’s a selection of original designs by one of the Society’s key members, John Jay Guppy. He says all papers will be supplied, so that’s even less work for us (yayifications!) Did you know that Toronto had an Origami Society? It’s based in the Japan Foundation,… Continue reading Toronto Origami Society Field Trip